Please find below the relevant Raynet courses:

Fundamentals Application Packaging with RayPack

“Fundamentals Application Packaging with RayPack” is the fundamental 4-day course that will teach you the knowledge and skills to use RayPack to Repackage traditional setups in Windows Installer (MSI) packages, gain experience in creating transforms for existing third-party MSI packages, creating MSI packages from scratch and generating Virtual (App-V) packages.

Culemborg (NL)Monday 2 July 20184€ 2.200,00Register now

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Migrating to Application Packaging with RayPack

“Migrating to Application Packaging with RayPack” is a 2-day course designed for packagers who are new to RayPack but have experience with other application packaging solutions. Students are familiar with MSI concepts, repackaging proces and have hands-on experience with using different tools before adopting RayPack.

Culemborg (NL)Wednesday 4 July 20182€ 1.395,00Register now

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Software Intake with RayEval

In this training the participants will learn how to use RayEval and create professional documentation to prepare for the upcoming packaging steps and User Acceptance Testing.

By the end of the training the students will be able to create customized and highly professional documentations with minimum time effort.

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