The following course are available to get familiar with the Flexera products:

AdminStudio Basic Packaging

This 4-day interactive training, you will gain experience in creating transforms for existing third-party MSI packages and identifying and resolving conflicts between packages before deploying your applications.
Application Packaging Using AdminStudio brings your staff up to speed not only on AdminStudio functionality but also on application readiness best practices. This instructor-led course uses real-world examples and hands-on exercises to help participants gain proficiency with AdminStudio and you will be ready to take the Flexera Software Certified Professional certification test. This certification is not required and scheduled on the Friday morning AFTER the 4-day class.

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 20 May 20194€ 2.695,00Register now

AdminStudio Expert Packaging

This 4-day interactive training covers key design and diagnostic concepts and applies them to your packaging situation. Attendees can bring a "problem" application you are struggling to package. During this training you will receive new skills to create more stable and reliable packages. A complete introduction to conflict detection and resolution using new techniques from the makers of AdminStudio.

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