The following course are available to get familiar with the Flexera products:

InstallShield MSI Projects

This 5-day InstallShield, MSI Projects course provides you with a solid understanding of installation terminology, the tasks an installation program needs to perform, and the InstallShield development environment.

In this course, you will learn how to customize your installation with custom actions in order to make changes to your end users’ systems. You will also see how to correctly identify, install, and configure special types of files (e.g., COM servers, Windows services, and .NET assemblies). Finally, you will understand how to perform simple to sophisticated changes to your installation’s user interface.

This course teaches you how to create Basic MSI projects, which use the Windows Installer service (MSI) for the installation’s behavior and appearance. This course does not cover InstallScript MSI projects.

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On-lineMonday 9 September 2024 10:00-17:30 NL-time
(4:00-11:30 US East/New York)
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Application Packaging using AdminStudio

This 5-day AdminStudio application packaging training course will teach you to use AdminStudio to repackage traditional setups into Windows Installer packages and customize those packages to meet specific needs. Learn application packaging best practices and much more.

In this application packaging training course, you will also gain experience in creating transforms for existing third-party MSI packages and improving package quality through identifying and resolving conflicts between packages, validation and automated tests before deploying your applications.

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