Remote Live

Remote delivery: how does it work?

We’ve found that “timing” of consuming specific knowledge is an important criteria to attend our top classes which are led by unique instructors. Good news: if you don’t have ability to travel to Culemborg/The Netherlands, our instructor-led remote-live option can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection. This format runs identical to a live session using the same certified instructors, materials and itinerary.

- When you register for a class, please specify that you wish to take it remotely. Before the start of the course, we will send you the book for the class via email and a link to join the remote training session.

- On the day of class, click the link and join the online training session using your computer. You will be able to hear & see the instructor through your computer’s speakers while you watch the live video of the class. During the course days you will follow the pace, Q&A and exercises just like any other student physically sitting in the class.

- You will need a microphone attached to your computer so that you can speak to the instructor and the rest of the class just like if you where sitting in the classroom. The instructor will connect you to a remote lab computer that is all setup and ready for you to join everyone for hands-on practice. It has the correct software and files all ready to go so that you can do the practice exercises.

Important note: for some classes it is not possible to remotely join a on-site class because the logistics around content, exercises, instructor interactions and student experience are difficult to combine. We recommend to sign up for the remote-only sessions for these instructors. Tim Mangan's MSIX course is a good example: this class is either delivered in remote format or in on-site format.