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IT Pro Speaker Training Get trained by top Industry Speakers. Individuals who are continiously "on top of their game", have access to the latest insight information, current & upcoming technologies and unique materials. Last but not least: are rewarded, praised and appreciated for their excellent presentation skills.

We offer training on topics:
Windows Troubleshooting / Windows Internals / Pro-Active Security / Systinternals (Sami), Mobile Management with MS EM+S (Peter), Win10 Deployment using SCCM, WDS & MDT (Johan), Windows Server 2019 (Mikael), Advanced Deployment (Kent), Powershell (Jeff), App-V (Tim), Windows Forensics (Paula).

Attend these classes if you really want to learn from the best...


Tim Mangan

Timothy Mangan led the engineering team at Softricity before the company was aquired by Microsoft in July 2006 to be the fundament of Microsoft's application virtualisation strategy (today known as Microsoft App-V) used by millions of users globally.

Since that time Tim provides his training classes, blogs and is a popular speaker on Briforum, Synergy and various industry events. With 10+ years of MS MVP status, multiple Citrix CTP awards and author of several industry books, Tim is the absolute authority when it comes to instructing App-V technology.

You can follow him on Twitter (@TimothyMangan), check out his personal blog (http://www.tmurgent.com/TMBlog), or read his articles on BrianMadden.com and other popular sites.

The Application Book Powershell_AppV5.1 Client AppV Caching AppVWinSystem Performance


IT Pro Experts Packaging for App-V and MSIX

Duration: 5 days
Language: English

Get expert training from Tim Mangan and his world renowned App-V and MSIX training in Culemborg NL. 

A 5-day hands-on class where you will learn the concepts, techniques, and latest tricks to be successful and packaging and configuring applications for delivery within the Enterprise using both Microsoft App-V and MSIX.

Whether you use modern or traditional application delivery methods, the applications your company depends on must be customized, and in many cases remediated to work in today’s desktops. MSIX is the future for new applications, you will also need App-V because MSIX will be much more work for older apps and just cannot handle others.

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 1 July 20195€ 2.995,00Register now
Culemborg (NL)Monday 14 October 20195€ 2.995,00Register now

Sami Laiho

Let the Master teach you all the tricks up his sleeves. Sami has been troubleshooting and teaching the art of OS troubleshooting, management and security to others for 15 years and counting. Sami's troubleshooting sessions have been awarded "Best in Show" in multiple worldwide conferences including AppManagEvent. He not only knows his stuff but can teach it in an effective and entertaining way. 

                                                                     Sami Laiho


Expert Session for Windows specialists

Expert Session for Windows specialists (aka: "Blackbelt - Troubleshooting the Windows OS")

You have tamed the Windows operating System beast and are a master of your universe. As your company’s specialist you are without peers. Would you like to match your skills with other experts in the field and see if there might be new ways to wrestle value from the Windows OS? 


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Culemborg (NL)Monday 7 October 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

Blackbelt - Advanced Troubleshooting the Windows OS

Duration: 4 days

Material: Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files

Language: English

This Windows Internals training is meant for all administrators who want to deepen their knowledge about Windows. It is also suitable for people who think they know everything about the Windows OS…  

It’s a very deep dive course and surely in no way suitable for beginners but seasoned administrators. 

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 9 September 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

BlackBelt – Securing Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019

Duration: 4 days

Material: Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files

Language: English

Gartner has said that one of the most needed changes in enterprise security is to move to a least privilege approach, whitelisting of applications and overall proactive security. Microsoft said in February 2018 that 85% of all security threats would have been mitigated by moving to proactive security. In year 2017 all major antimalware companies reported more than 1.000.000 new malware samples EVERY day! Do you really need more convincing that you need to do it as well than these facts. Well there is more just make you sure ...
Whitelisting is considered as the most recommended security feature for 2018 and up, and it’s also a NATO requirement for Windows 10 implementations. Now that Windows 10 is the last Windows ever, shouldn’t you take the time to actually do it smart? The BEST thing you can do is to learn from the Best Security Expert, and the most educating and entertaining speaker in the world – Sami Laiho. Sami has been consulting companies with 10 computers and enterprises with close to 600.000 endpoints. Many things that you take for granted when it comes to energy or money is actually secured by his knowledge. Don’t miss out, this is the cheapest consulting you will ever get, while learning!

While the client and the server versions share the same Kernel there certain things that only apply to Windows Servers – this course also includes the needed info on how to protect Windows Server and infrastructure services!


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Culemborg (NL)Monday 24 June 20194€ 2.799,00Register now
Culemborg (NL)Monday 16 December 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

Mikael Nyström

Mikael Nyström is a Microsoft MVP and Principal Technical Architect at TrueSec, with an extremely broad field of competence. He has worked with all kind of infrastructure tasks in all kind of environments, enterprise to small business. He is working deep within products such as Microsoft System Center, Windows and Windows Server. Mikael is a very popular instructor and is often used by Microsoft for partner trainings as well as to speak at major conferences such as TechEd, Ignite, MMS and TechDays, etc.

Mikael is 50% author of the legendary "Deployment Fundamentals" bookseries:




Currently Mikael’s main work is either helping customers to deploy Windows 10 clients or building Software Defined Datacenters, in other words, Hyper-V, Storage Spaces and System Center.

Mastering Windows Server 2019 - Deploy, Configure, Maintain

Duration: 4 days
Material: Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files
Instructor: Mikael Nyström
Language: English

In this training, you learn how to deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows Server 2019. The training is extensive and covers almost all aspects of Windows Server 2019. You learn what’s new and updated but also common and best practices for handling legacy components in Windows Server 2019.

You learn to build domain controllers, file servers, remote desktop servers, advanced networking, Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica, Failover Cluster, bare metal deployment, migration, upgrading, monitoring, Windows Admin Center, and more. In just four days you learn almost every part of Windows Server 2019.

You use PowerShell and/or UI to deploy and configure all servers and systems. You basically start with nothing, and after four days, you have it all installed and configured.

And the best part, you receive all the scripts and sample files so that you can rerun all the exercises when you get back from training or modify them for use in your environment. We will even include a solution that will build up the complete lab environment once returned home from the training.

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 16 September 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

Kent Agerlund

As global recognized Configuration Manager MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer and senior consultant, Kent has been working with SMS since 1997 and as a trainer/consultant since 1992. In 2009 he was the co-founder of System Center User Group Denmark.

Certified MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, MCSA+Messaging, MCT and Technology Specialist in Configuration Manager, MDOP and Windows 2008 R2 and much more.

Member of: Microsoft Denmark System Center Partner Expert Team, The Danish Technet Influencers program, System Center Influencers Program.

Kent also speaks at several conferences each year, including MMS, AppManagEvent and TechEd/Ignite events around the world.  (Co)-author of several industry leading technology books on ConfigManager.

SystemCenter2012_ConfigMngrMS EMS Planning Implementation Mastering ConfigMngr

Advanced Configuration Manager Current Branch & Windows 10

Duration: 4 days
Material: Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files
Instructor: Kent Agerlund
Language: English

Being able to design, deploy, manage and troubleshoot Configuration Manager and Windows 10 in your environment. In the class there will be a high focus on automation and understanding how you can optimize your Windows 10 management using Configuration Manager. The class is always based on the latest available public builds

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 3 June 20194€ 2.799,00Register now
Culemborg (NL)Monday 28 October 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

Johan Arwidmark

Johan Arwidmark is a chief technical architect with Truesec and all-around geek specializing in Systems Management and Enterprise Windows Deployment Solutions.

Johan also speaks at several conferences each year, including MMS, AppManagEvent and TechEd/Ignite events around the world. He is actively involved in deployment communities like deploymentresearch.com and myitforum.com, and has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for more than ten years.

Johan is 50% author of the legendary "Deployment Fundamentals" bookseries:




Mastering Windows 10 Deployment using MDT and ConfigMgr Current Branch

Duration: 4 days
Material: Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files
Language: English

In this training you learn to build and customize rock solid deployment solutions using System Center Configuration Manager CB (current build), Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).
You get a thorough walk-trough of current version ConfigMgr, as well as deep technical drilldown to changes in the Windows 10 platform.

This training is unique in many ways, it is developed by two of the best OSD experts (Mikael Nyström and Johan Arwidmark) in the world, it is based on real life OSD for more than 30 years of collective knowledge, it is always performed on the latest version of Windows clients, servers and system management components. 

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 17 June 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

Peter Daalmans

Peter is Principal Consultant and trainer with a primary focus on the System Center Configuration Manager and Enterprise Mobility. Peter is awarded six times as a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP (Configuration Manager/Microsoft Intune/Enterprise Mobility Suite).

Peter writes blogs and sharing his knowledge on his blog PeterDaalmans.com. Peter is also one of the founders and leads of the Windows Management User Group Netherlands. Author of Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, Mastering System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager and the just in 2017 released Mastering System Center Configuration Manager, books from Sybex. Peter released in 2017 a book "Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: Planning and Implementation".

Peter speaks at local and international group meetings, conferences like Microsoft Ignite, TechEd (Australia / New Zealand), IT/Dev Connections, Midwest Management Summit (MMS), BriForum (London, Denver and Boston), TechDays Netherlands, AppManagEvent and ExpertsLive Netherlands. More about me here: https://ref.ms/aboutme

(Co)-author of several industry leading technology books on ConfigManager.

MS EMS Planning Implementation Mastering ConfigMngr 2012 R2 Mastering ConfigMngr Mastering ConfigMngr

Master your mobile & Windows 10 workforce with Microsoft Intune and Azure AD

Many companies are moving their workloads to the Microsoft Cloud, one of the most used workloads is Office 365. By using Office 365 your security boundaries are moving also, companies need to protect their apps and data on the mobile devices used by their employees.

In this class we will cover how you can use Azure AD and Microsoft Intune to securely manage Windows 10, iOS, macOS and Android devices. Besides the devices, also application management and resource access management will be covered.

Learn how to secure Office 365 and how to securely publish internal web resources via the Azure App Proxy and Azure AD Conditional Access, protect the identity with Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management.

Learn what modern management of Windows 10, Android and iOS can bring for your company.

This is a custom course that will be updated regularly and therefor covering most of the new features provided by the Microsoft cloud.

Day 1: the foundation

  • Overview Microsoft Mobility Solutions
  • Configure Identity Management
  • Configure Mobile Device Management
  • Condtional Access

Day 2: Security, Apps and data

  • Mobile Device Management Security
  • Company Resources Access
    • WiFi, VPN, Certificates
    • Internal Apps
  • Application Management

Day 3: Modern Management

  • Modern management of iOS and Android
  • Modern management Windows 10
  • Troubleshooting, Graph API and reporting


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Culemborg (NL)Monday 27 May 20193€ 2.399,00Register now
Culemborg (NL)Monday 18 November 20193€ 2.399,00Register now

Jeff Wouters

Jeff Wouters, MVP Windows PowerShell, has a main focus on automation and virtualization.
He has a unlimited passion for Windows PowerShell, is the founder of the Dutch PowerShell User Group (DuPSUG) and frequent speaker at national and international IT events such as BriForum, E2E Virtualization Conference, Microsoft TechDays, multiple User Groups and returning speaking at AppManagEvent.

Advanced Powershell for IT Pro's

Powershell is niet meer weg te denken uit het leven van de sysadmin om snel en efficient taken te automatiseren. Tijdens deze training wordt gedurende 3 dagen op level 300+ de geavanceerde onderwerpen en technieken gedoceerd van de krachtige Powershell taal.

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Culemborg (NL)Monday 30 September 20193€ 1.875,00Register now