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Master your mobile & Windows 10 workforce with Microsoft Intune and Azure AD

Culemborg (NL) or RemoteMonday 23 March 20203€ 2.399,00Register now
Culemborg (NL) or RemoteMonday 9 November 20203€ 2.399,00Register now

Also possible to join this class remote

Many companies are moving their workloads to the Microsoft Cloud, one of the most used workloads is Office 365.

By using Office 365 your security boundaries are moving also, companies need to protect their apps and data on the mobile devices used by their employees.

In this class we will cover how you can use Azure AD and Microsoft Intune to securely manage Windows 10, iOS, macOS and Android devices. Besides the devices, also application management and resource access management will be covered.

Learn how to secure Office 365 and how to securely publish internal web resources via the Azure App Proxy and Azure AD Conditional Access, protect the identity with Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management.

Learn what modern management of Windows 10, Android and iOS can bring for your company.

This is a custom course that will be updated regularly and therefor covering most of the new features provided by the Microsoft cloud. Level 300 class.

This class is organized only a few times a year

Tel: +31 88 55 88 400
E-mail: sales@pds-site.com

For who

This training is for the Enterprise Systems Engineers, Administrators, System Integrators, Professional sysadmins and IT-Pro’s with a hands-on mentality who are confronted in their daily work with uses requiring access with mobile and windows 10 devices to business data like email, files and other services in the cloud or on-premises.

Pre-knowledge requirements
- Base knowledge of cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Office 365
- Base knowledge of Windows Server 2016/2019
- Base knowledge of Apple iOS
- Base knowledge of Google Android
- Base knowledge of Windows 10
- Base knowledge of Active Directory

What you learn

After completing this hands-on-lab, participants will be able to Manage mobile devices and Windows 10 devices in a secure and modern way using the products from the solutions within the Microsoft 365 proposition.

You will be able to secure your devices but also data and of course identity of your users by using Microsoft Intune, Azure AD, Azure AD Conditional Access, Azure Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management.

  • Understand BYOD/CYOD and MDM terminology and concept
  • Prepare the environment for hybrid deployment
  • Understand Device Enrolment
  • Deploy Applications to mobile devices
  • Deploy Settings to mobile device
  • Deploy Company Resources
  • Implement and manage Azure Application Proxy
  • Manage Company Resources for extranet
  • Implement Azure Multifactor Authentication
  • Deploy Azure Remote Applications


Day 1: the foundation

  • Overview Microsoft Mobility Solutions
  • Configure Identity Management
  • Configure Mobile Device Management
  • Condtional Access

Day 2: Security, Apps and data

  • Mobile Device Management Security
  • Company Resources Access
    • WiFi, VPN, Certificates
    • Internal Apps
  • Application Management

Day 3: Modern Management

  • Modern management of iOS and Android
  • Modern management Windows 10
  • Troubleshooting, Graph API and reporting


Overview Microsoft Mobility Solutions
• Identity Management
• Setup domain name and licenses in Office 365
• Prepare on-premise Active Directory for Directory Synchronization
• Configure Directory Synchronization to Azure Active Directory
• Configure Azure AD Dynamic Groups
• Configure Azure Identity Protection
• Configure Azure Privileged Identity Management

Conditional Access
• Protect Office 365 services via Conditional Access in Azure AD

Mobile Device Management - Setup
• Configure MDM Authority
• Configure Platform Support
• Enroll devices

Application Management
• Publish Azure SaaS application
• Create Applications
• Deploy applications
• Configure Application Protection (with enrolment and without enrolment)

Mobile Device Management - Security
• Configure Azure AD Conditional Access
• Configure Device Restrictions
• Configure Compliance Policies

Company Resources Access
• Configure and deploy Wi-Fi profiles
• Configure and deploy Certificates
• Configure and deploy VPN Profiles
• Configure and deploy access to internal resource via Azure App Proxy

Corporate App Stores
• Enable, add and deploy apps from corporate app stores. (Android Enterprise, Apple VPP, Microsoft Store for Business)

Modern Management
• Modern Management of iOS and Android
• App Protection without enrollment
• Modern Management Windows 10
• Prepare and configure Windows AutoPilot
• Configure and deploy Windows 10 profiles
• Configure and deploy Windows Information Protection
• Configure Software Updates management
• Monitoring Modern Managed Windows 10 via Windows Analytics

Troubleshooting, reporting and automation
• Troubleshooting options
• Microsoft Intune Datawarehouse
• Azure Graph API


Culemborg (NL) or RemoteMonday 23 March 20203€ 2.399,00Register now
Culemborg (NL) or RemoteMonday 9 November 20203€ 2.399,00Register now