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Application Packaging using AdminStudio

On-lineMonday 22 April 2024 10:00-17:30 NL-time
(4:00-11:30 US East/New York)
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On-lineMonday 15 July 2024 10:00-17:30 NL-time
(4:00-11:30 US East/New York)
5€ 2.249,00Register now

This 5-day AdminStudio application packaging training course will teach you to use AdminStudio to repackage traditional setups into Windows Installer packages and customize those packages to meet specific needs. Learn application packaging best practices and much more.

In this application packaging training course, you will also gain experience in creating transforms for existing third-party MSI packages and improving package quality through identifying and resolving conflicts between packages, validation and automated tests before deploying your applications.

This course is provided as online course only in the English language. Instructor is a 20+ year veteran


In this class you will learn:

  • How to prepare your development systems, test systems and documentation for the application-migration process
  • How to use AdminStudio's Repackager to convert traditional setups to Windows Installer setups and virtual applications
  • How to enhance and customize repackaged setups using the InstallShield Editor and to correct validation errors
  • How to use AdminStudio's ConflictSolver to identify and resolve potential conflicts between Windows Installer setups before deployment into your desktop environment
  • How to use AdminStudio’s Test Center to identify and resolve potential issues using automated test cases and Best Practices
  • How to use AdminStudio’s Tuner to customize the installation of existing Windows Installer setups——to meet your company-specific requirements
  • How to convert MSI packages to virtual packages

Course Prerequisites

Previous AdminStudio experience is not required; however, you should be comfortable with the following:

  • Using Windows Explorer and the command prompt to create and manage files and run executables
  • Basic Windows terminology (e.g. DLL, Control Panel, etc.)

Course Curriculum

The following course sections and topics will be covered in the class. If you have a specific area that you think might need extra attention, mention it to your instructor on the first day of application packaging training.

Introduction and Overview 

  • Introduction to AdminStudio
  • New System Center Configuration Manager Settings View
  • Process to Package Applications
  • About Windows Installer Technology
  • Support Resource

Preparing for Application Packaging

  • Defining the Storage Structure
  • Setting up Your Packaging Environment
  • Preparing Project Documentation
  • Running Repackager on a Clean Machine
  • Editing Exclusion Lists

Preparing for Application Packaging

  • Creating the Storage Structure
  • Defining Standard Images
  • Project Documentation
  • Installing the Repackager on Your Repackaging Image
  • Global Exclusion Lists

Repackaging Process

  • Repackager Best Practices
  • Repackager Interface
  • Using the Installation Monitoring Method to Repackage a Legacy Application
  • Using the Snapshot Method to Repackage a Legacy Application
  • Cleaning Up after Repackaging
  • Repackaging Process Output Files
  • Viewing Captured Data in the Repackager Interface
  • Creating Repackager Reports

Using the InstallShield Editor  

  • Launching InstallShield Editor
  • Setting InstallShield Editor Options
  • General Information View
  • Setup Design, Features and Components Views
  • Application Data View Group
  • Property Manager View
  • Path Variables View
  • System Configuration View Group
  • Application Paths View
  • Windows Installer Conditions
  • Release Wizard
  • Package Validation
  • Creating Templates

Initial Testing of Repackaged Applications

  • Running Windows Installer Tests from the Command Line
  • Testing Guidelines
  • Commonly Performed Tests
  • Testing Next Steps

Advanced InstallShield Editor Topics

  • Searching for Files and Other Data
  • Using Direct Editor to Modify Database Tables
  • Handling Locked-Down Environments
  • Installing COM Registration Information
  • Additional InstallShield Editor Tools

Advanced Editor Topics  

  • Searching for Files
  • Direct Editor
  • Handling Locked-Down Environments
  • COM Registration 

Using Custom Actions  

  • Windows Installer Sequences
  • Custom Action Scheduling Options
  • Custom Actions and Sequences View
  • Common Custom Action Types

Creating a Windows Installer Transform 

  • Overview of Transforms
  • Configuring Tuner Options
  • Creating a Response Transform
  • Using Tuner to Edit a Transform
  • Applying a Transform
  • Creating a Transform using InstallShield Editor
  • Creating a Customization Transform Using Application Manager

Creating MSIX Packages

  • Converting your Existing Packages to MSIX using Repackager Tool and Digital Signing
  • Creating, Editing and Building MSIX using the Editor (InstallShield)
  • General Information View
  • Visual Assets
  • Capabilities
  • Package Payload
  • Media
  • Running the MSI to MSIX Conversion Wizard in InstallShield

Managing Applications and Application Catalog Databases

  • About the Application Manager Interface
  • Managing Application CatalogsImporting Packages
  • Importing Merge Modules
  • Creating and Importing OS Snapshots
  • Viewing Application and Package Data
  • Viewing Reports on the Report Center Tab
  • Importing Windows Installer and Virtual Packages
  • Scanning Dependencies
  • Validating Imported Packages

Package Feed Module

  • Products Supported in AdminStudio’s Package Feed Module
  • Package Feed Options
  • Downloading Packaged using the Package Feed Module

Test Center 

  • Benefits of using the Test Center
  • Identifying Conflicts Using the Conflict Wizard
  • Application Consistency Evaluator (ACE) Rules
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Test Center Overview
  • Configuring Testing
  • Performing Compatibility, Best Practices, and Risk Assessment Testing
  • Performing Conflict Testing
  • Viewing and Filtering Test Results

Upgrading Products

  • Preparing for Major Upgrades 
  • Defining the Upgrade Settings
  • Validating and Deploying a Major Upgrade
  • Adding a Major Upgrade in a Transform (.mst) file

Additional Topics that  may be covered

  • Introduction to the Automated Application Converter
  • Introduction to Using InstallShield Editor to Create Virtual Applications
  • Introduction to the AdminStudio Application Compatibility Pack
  • Application Isolation
  • Quality Monitor

On-lineMonday 22 April 2024 10:00-17:30 NL-time
(4:00-11:30 US East/New York)
5€ 2.249,00Register now
On-lineMonday 15 July 2024 10:00-17:30 NL-time
(4:00-11:30 US East/New York)
5€ 2.249,00Register now