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Course information

Fundamentals Application Packaging with RayPack

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For RayPack , PDS is the official & exclusive authorized training institute for the Benelux region. Raynet (www.Raynet.de) exclusively assigned our expert training team to make sure you maximize the benefits when using RayPack. The globally recognized Certification program is available through our team of technical trainers.

“Fundamentals Application Packaging with RayPack” is the basic course that will teach you the knowledge and skills to use RayPack to Repackage traditional setups in Windows Installer (MSI) packages, gain experience in creating transforms for existing third-party MSI packages , creating MSI packages from scratch and generating Virtual (App-V) packages.

An ITIL-based workflow will be used to assist you in the tasks that are common for a regular Application Repackaging Project ; From Intake to Distribution.


In this class you will learn:

* Windows Installer Essentials

* Setting-up your Application Packaging Processes

* Best-Practises

* How to convert traditional setups to Windows Installer setups with Pack Recorder

* How to edit / clean-up your captured installation with Pack Recorder

* How to enhance and customize repackaged setups with Pack Designer

* How to use Pack Tailor to customize the installation of existing Windows Installer setups—such as third-party installations—to meet your company-specific requirements

* How to use RayFlow to manage your Processes

* Document your intake with RayEval

* How to virtualize Applications to Microsoft's App-V

* How to prepare you package for Distribution

Course Prerequisites

Previous Repackaging Experience is not required, ; however, you should be comfortable with the following:

* Using Windows Explorer and the command prompt to create and manage files and run executables

* Basic Windows terminology (e.g. DLL, Control Panel, etc.)

Facilities and catering
The training classrooms are equiped with state-of-the-art systems which are fully preconfigured for the concerning training.

During the trainingcourse coffee, tea and softdrinks will be arranged for free. At the lunchbreak there will be fresh sandwiches of your own choice. This lunch is included in the trainingscourse price.


Certification Options:

After completing this course, you can sign up and take the RayPack Certified Professional certification tests to receive a 2 year valid worldwide recognized expertise certificate.

Duration: 4 days

Language(s): Dutch , English, German.

Cost: € 2.200,00 (Excl. VAT)

Send a mail to sales@pds-site.com for more information