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online-delivery - 10 evenings - Experts Packaging For App-V and MSIX

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This class is widely considered to be the ultimate place to learn about App-V and MSIX,  your instructor has often been called the Godfather of App-V.

The class will be delivered remotely in 10 consecutive afternoons or evenenings, allowing you to train from work or home without travel.
Please keep an eye on the timezones when registering for this course.




Tel: +31 88 55 88 400
E-mail: sales@pds-site.com

For who:
The course is designed for people with a general background in IT and/or Packaging. We take students with or without prior experience in App-V.

What you learn

• The concepts
• Techniques
• Latest tricks to be successful and packaging and configuring applications for delivery within the Enterprise using both Microsoft App-V and MSIX


         Concepts of Packaging

  • Principals and rules of Packaging
  • Anatomy of an installer package and the Windows API
  • Principals of Redirection and Copy-on-Write
  • Layering, Filter Drivers, Function hooking, and Dll Injection

    Overview of Delivery Options
  • Including App-V Server, SCCM, Intune, Store for Business, and PowerShell

    Fundamentals of the App-V Package Format and Runtime

    Fundamentals of the MSIX Package Format and Runtime

    Packaging with App-V and MSIX
  • 7 Hands-on Labs covering App-V Best Practices, VFS and PVAD techniques, Plug-Ins, Connection Groups, RunVirtual, Pellucidity, Scripting, Templates, and Advanced Functions.
  • 7 Hands-on Labs covering MSIX Best Practices, VFS and Specified Install Folder techniques, Modification Packages, PSF Fixes.
  • PowerShell for App-V and MSIX

    Setting up VMs for Packaging and Testing

  • Setting up an App-V Sequencing Station
  • Setting up a MSIX Capture Station
  • Setting up a “Smoke Test” Station

    Debugging Techniques for App-V and MSIX

    Using Third Party Tools with App-V and MSIX

    Conversion from App-V to MSIX

Some student quotes and recommendations:

"Tim Mangam is THE authority when it comes to AppV and MSIX packaging!"

"Excellent training course. Tim delivered the course material well, always giving relevant examples. He was always patient and took the time to ensure that we understood the concepts."

"This guy just rocks! Tim Mangan is the Pete Townshend of the App-V world. He was with Softricity early on to build the platform and created the first App-V training program for the company. He knows the product inside and out."

" I just finished attending a training with Tim on App-V. Having been to a number of these types of workshops, I can say that this was top-notch. The training was exceptional... no question went unanswered, and he made it a point that we understand the concepts presented. He has tremendous patience, always ensuring that we understood before moving forward. The course material was delivered at a comfortable pace. He is also simply a nice person to be around. I strongly recommend Tim as your App-V instructor."

"Thanks again for the great week of training, I've been busy working up some sequenced apps (including the SAP Front-End GUI that I started on during the class)."

"I just wanted to thank you for the best Training class I have ever had the pleasure to experience. The pace was excellent and the coverage of application virtualization was extremely through. Your friendliness and the ease that you were able to field all the questions that the class was able to throw at you made for a training experience to remember."

The three major portions of the class are:

  • Concepts: Provides an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of Packaging, especially for Application Virtualization and MSIX. We also cover the "Windows API", from the prospective of the IT Pro - helping you to understand how the app intends to integrate with the OS and the End-User.  With this core knowledge in place, you are now ready to learn the packaging techniques.
  • App-V Sequencing: The heart of the class. Demonstration of "best practice" techniques and techniques to tackle a variety of application types that do not deploy easily.
  • MSIX Packaging: The other heart of the class. Demonstration of "best practice" techniques and techniques to package in MSIX and Psf, and issues to look out for and alternatives to consider.


Send a mail to sales@pds-site.com for more information