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Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.1/2 - MASTERS LEVEL – Concepts & Fundamentals Administration

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Duration: 1 day
Material: Sections of the GridMasterTraining Companion Guides; over 300 pages of what some call "the missing App-V books".
Language: EnglishIT Pro Speaker Training

Get expert training from Tim Mangan and his world renowned App-V training in Culemborg NL. This class is widely considered to be the ultimate place to learn about App-V and your instructor has often been called the Godfather of App-V.

Timothy Mangan led the engineering team at SoftGrid before the company was acquired by Microsoft in July 2006 to be the fundament of Microsoft's application virtualization strategy (today known as Microsoft App-V) used by millions of users globally.

Since that time Tim provides his training classes, blogs and is a popular speaker on Briforum, Synergy and various industry events. With 10+ years of MS MVP status on App-V, multiple Citrix CTP awards and author of several industry books, Tim is the absolute authority when it comes to instructing App-V technology.

This 1 day course is followed by a 3 days sequencing course, for those who want to learn the full App-V technology we recommend to take the four-day course Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.1/2 - MASTERS LEVEL - Concepts, Fundamentals, Expert level Administration & Sequencing.

Download the course specifications (semi-DUTCH-language)!

App-V Versions:

This class is based on Microsoft Application Virtualization version 5.1/5.2. If your company is currently using an App-V release prior to 5.1, accommodations can be made to cover differences between versions and to allow students to use an earlier version in the labs with advanced notice. 

Course Includes:

  • 1 day of Masters Level Microsoft Application Virtualization Concepts & Architecture course.

Class Schedule:

Classes run from 9am to 5pm daily. Anticipated schedule is shown below.


Concepts & Architecture, fundamentals Administration

After attending, you will understand:

  • The fundamental concepts of App-V.Includes basics of how Application Virtualization works and theory of operation.
  • Options on how to implement virtual application delivery, including App-V Server, Configuration Manager, third-party delivery systems, and in-house developed options.
  • Architecting App-V Servers for Primary, Remote, and Backup sites
  • Integrating with Citrix and SCCM
  • App-V Server Installation and Maintenance. Planning and installation of App-V Servers for Primary, Remote, and Backup sites. 
  • Using App-V for License Management. How and why you should Use App-V for License Management, even if you don’t deploy using the server.


The course is designed for IT personnel who will be involved with App-V in areas other than packaging (sequencing). There are no hard pre-requisites to be able to take this option, however, the following are helpful:

  • Knowledge and experience with general Microsoft Server Administration.
  • Knowledge and experience with SQL Server Administration.

No prior experience with App-V is required for this course.


As part of the class you will receive the appropriate GridMasterTraining Companion Guides.
image of training guide cover
©GridMasterTraining.com; over 300 pages of what some call "the missing App-V books".

The companion guides are not only the training guide for the class, but are filled with much deeper detail than can be covered within one day.  These will serve are excellent reference materials for after you complete the course:

  • Concepts & Architecture: Provides an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of Application Virtualization and how Applications get deployed using App-V. Also covers the different deployment architectures and methods. Enables the student to be able to choose which deployment method best suits their company.  Currently at 114 pages, this companion guide is provided to all students.
  • Administration: Covers Planning, Installation, and Day-to-day operations for both the App-V Server and for SCCM 2012 SP2 deployments. Includes hands-on labs deploying applications sequenced during the sequencing course.  Currently at 237 pages, this companion guide is provided for all one and four day students.
  • Sequencing: The heart of the class. Demonstration of "best practice" techniques and techniques to tackle a variety of application types that do not deploy easily. Currently running at 376 pages, this companion guide is provided to all three and four day students.

Some student quotes:

"This guy just rocks! Tim Mangan is the Pete Townshend of the App-V world. He was with Softricity early on to build the platform and created the first App-V training program for the company. He knows the product inside and out."

" I just finished attending a training with Tim on App-V. Having been to a number of these types of workshops, I can say that this was top-notch. The training was exceptional... no question went unanswered, and he made it a point that we understand the concepts presented. He has tremendous patience, always ensuring that we understood before moving forward. The course material was delivered at a comfortable pace. He is also simply a nice person to be around. I strongly recommend Tim as your App-V instructor."

"Thanks again for the great week of training, I've been busy working up some sequenced apps (including the SAP Front-End GUI that I started on during the class)."

"I just wanted to thank you for the best Training class I have ever had the pleasure to experience. The pace was excellent and the coverage of application virtualization was extremely through. Your friendliness and the ease that you were able to field all the questions that the class was able to throw at you made for a training experience to remember."

Facilities, catering and proof of participation 

The training classrooms are equiped with state-of-the-art systems which are fully preconfigured for the concerning training.

During the trainingcourse coffee, tea and softdrinks will be arranged for free. At the lunchbreak there will be fresh sandwiches of your own choice. This lunch is included in the trainingscourse price.

After attending the training course, you will receive a certificate from PDS signed by the trainer as proof of your participation.

Send a mail to sales@pds-site.com for more information