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BlackBelt - Troubleshooting the Windows OS

Duration: 4 days

Material: Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files

Language: English

Your trainer: Sami Laiho

 Sami LaihoIT Pro Speaker Training

Exclusive instructor & unique training content 

Let the Master teach you all the tricks up his sleeves. Sami's been troubleshooting and teaching the art to others for 15+ years and counting. Sami's troubleshooting sessions have been awarded "Best in Show" in multiple worldwide conferences so he not only knows his stuff but can actually teach it in an effective and entertaining way.
This course teaches you how the OS works and how to troubleshoot it and it is applicable for every OS from NT 4 to Windows 10 - both servers and clients. Learn to troubleshoot the hardest errors and raise your abilities above others!

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Troubleshooting the Windows OS class content:

Troubleshooting methodology

    - What are we against

    - How to isolate the error

    - How to document the error

Tools and procedures for troubleshooting Windows

    - Most important tools for troubleshooting

    - Appropriate permissions

Remote Administration

    - How user permissions work while remoting

    - Legacy tools remotely

    - PowerShell Remoting

OS Internals

    - Windows modes

    - Processes and threads

    - Services and programs

Registry Internals

    - Registry structure

    - How to manage the registry

Troubleshooting of the SLOW

    - Slow startup/logon

    - Slow operations

    - Memory/Disk/CPU bottlenecks

Troubleshooting security related issues

    - Security internals of Windows

    - How to troubleshoot issues related to permissions

    - How to troubleshoot issues related to domains

Troubleshooting network issues

    - Best practises to troubleshooting network issues

    - Monitoring network activity

Unbootable machine troubleshooting

 - Safe modes and other advanced startup modes

    - Windows PE/RE internals

    - Tools for fixing an unbootable OS

Troubleshooting device drivers

    - How Windows uses its Driver Store

    - How to troubleshoot device drivers

Basics of debugging and debuggers

    - How to debug a machine

    - When to debug a machine with an actual debugger

BSOD internals

    - How BSOD works and how to make one

    - How to analyze memory dumps

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Reviews ...:

“Sami is a great Trainer with a lot of experience in windows systems.”

“I thought I understood the material well before I took part in this course, I was wrong. This course although short it was sufficient, both direct and fun. I would recommend this for anyone that wants to work in IT and also for all that work in the IT business.“

“If you really need to know something about windows8, this seminar/training is a must. He delivers everything in a lively manner, and it´s not just educational, it´s fun.”

“Do you want to learn Win-Fu?”

“Great insight into Windows security”

“Funni finnish guy that teaches you to be a pro when it comes to windows!”

“Sami you get 5 out of 5 stars for keeping things interesting and fun while still making people understand and learn.”

“Great speaker, and has good sense of humor :-), what else can you ask for ?”

“Funny,interesting and during those 4 days i learned ALOT"

About the trainer: Sami Laiho

Senior Technical Fellow


    Born in late 1979
    IT Admin since 1996
    MCT since 2001 (MCT / IAMCT Regional Lead – Finland)
    MVP in Windows OS since 2011

Specializes in and trains:

    Centralized Management
    Active Directory
    Penetration testing
    Social Engineering


    Ignite 2017 - Best External Speaker & Best Session by an External Speaker at      Microsoft 

    TechTalks 2017 - Best Sessions (#1 and #2) 

    TechEd North America 2014 - Best session, Best Speaker

    TechEd Australia 2013 – Best session, Best speaker

    TechEd Europe 2013 – Best Session by an external speaker

    Best session by Microsoft STEP in 2012

Publications & Recordings:

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Facilities, catering and proof of participation: 

The training classrooms are equiped with state-of-the-art systems which are fully preconfigured for the concerning training.

During the trainingcourse coffee, tea and softdrinks will be arranged for free. At the lunchbreak there will be fresh sandwiches of your own choice. This lunch is included in the trainingscourse price.

After attending the training course, you will receive a certificate from PDS signed by the trainer as proof of your participation.


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