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Privilege Management for Desktops - Advanced

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Day 1
This package includes the Privilege Management for Desktops - Fundamentals on day one, plus two additional days.

Day 2
This builds on the fundamental concepts covered in the introductory course, as well as introducing deployment options and Enterprise Reporting functionality. The course also explores advanced use cases where participants will configure advanced solutions within virtual lab environments.

> Production deployments – explore the various mechanisms used to deploy Defendpoint software and policy including: Group Policy, McAfee ePO, iC3 and webserver deployments

> Event centralization– how to configure an event collector to receive Defendpoint events across the domain

> Introduction to Enterprise Reporting – an overview of the benefits delivered by using the reporting solution to audit events and strengthen existing Defendpoint policies

> Installing the Event Management Database and Parser – an installation of the Event Management database and event parser on the chosen event collector

> Advanced use cases – applying advanced Defendpoint concepts to common use case scenarios


Day 3
This focuses on advanced troubleshooting scenarios and aims to empower users to identify and resolve issues with Defendpoint.

> Defendpoint client architecture – a more detailed look at the components within the Defendpoint agent, including how the product interacts with the operating system and the management console

> Defendpoint security settings – a detailed look at the security settings protecting Defendpoint

> Access tokens– overview of access tokens and what each of them contain, as well as creating customer tokens and when they would/could be used

> General troubleshooting – an overview of common troubleshooting techniques in the most common production environments

> Troubleshooting process – understand how to use a logical troubleshooting process to resolve and understand the root cause of any application issues caused by Defendpoint

> Diagnosing event centralization problems – a more detailed look auditing and tracking events from the endpoint right through to the database

> Debugging tools– common debugging tools used to investigate issues that may be experienced as a result of Defendpoint policies

> Diagnosing hooking problems – understand how the PGHook.dll is used to interact with the Defendpoint service and how to determine if there is a compatibility issue with third party applications and how we can work around them

> Escalating to BeyondTrust support – provides guidance about what information should be provided to the BeyondTrust support team


Course prerequisites
- Lab/test environment to configure Windows Event Forwarding
- Experience with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
- Experience with Active Directory Group Policy
- Basic networking skills are desirable but not essential

Facilities, catering and proof of participation: 

Delivery: the online training is delivered as 4 half day sessions.

This course is run multiple instances every month to cater for a range of time zones. These are delivered over full day or half day sessions so you can always find an option that suits your schedule. As soon as you have purchased training our team will be in touch to fnd the course that fts your schedule.

Send a mail to sales@pds-site.com for more information