Tim Mangan

Timothy Mangan led the engineering team at Softricity before the company was aquired by Microsoft in July 2006 to be the fundament of Microsoft's application virtualisation strategy (today known as Microsoft App-V) used by millions of users globally.

Since that time Tim provides his training classes, blogs and is a popular speaker on Briforum, Synergy and various industry events. With 10+ years of MS MVP status, multiple Citrix CTP awards and author of several industry books, Tim is the absolute authority when it comes to instructing App-V technology.

You can follow him on Twitter (@TimothyMangan), check out his personal blog (http://www.tmurgent.com/TMBlog), or read his articles on BrianMadden.com and other popular sites.

The Application Book Powershell_AppV5.1 Client AppV Caching AppVWinSystem Performance

Publications & Recordings


Inside Detours and the Package Support Framework

State of the Industry 2019 

The Future of Applications 

State of the Art: Packaging for App-V

online-delivery - 10 afternoons - Experts Packaging For App-V and MSIX

Duration: 10 afternoons
Material: Student books
Instructor: Tim Mangan
Language: English

Get expert training from Tim Mangan and his world renowned App-V and MSIX training. Adjusted to the COVID-19 situation we deliver this class online in 10 consecutive afternoons:

Please keep an eye on the timezones when registering for this course.

As soon as travel is allowed again, the class will be in-person again over a period of 5 consecutive days.

This hands-on class you will learn the concepts, techniques, and latest tricks to be successful and packaging and configuring applications for delivery within the Enterprise using both Microsoft App-V and MSIX.

Whether you use modern or traditional application delivery methods, the applications your company depends on must be customized, and in many cases remediated to work in today’s desktops. MSIX is the future for new applications, you will also need App-V because MSIX will be much more work for older apps and just cannot handle others.


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