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Workshop Server 2016 Security & what has changed in the kernel?

Sami Laiho

 Sami Laiho

Windows Server 2016 shares the same kernel with Windows 10. Hence Server 2016 gives the best protected OS core that a Windows Server has ever seen.

Now with the biggest change in the Kernel since 2008 R2 there is a lot to learn as well. Join this one day delta workshop by one of the top Security and Operating System Experts in the world, Sami Laiho.

On this fast paced highly technical workshop, Sami goes through what has changed from the security perspective.


Kernel changes

  • Secure Kernel
  • Isolated User Mode
  • Memory Management changes
  • New hardware requirements

Shielded VM’s

  • Protecting the VM’s with vTPM’s
  • Requirements
  • Usage scenarios


  • Smallest footprint and attack surface ever on a Windows Server
  • Managing and securing Nano-server
  • Usage Scenarios


  • Why and how containers increase security
  • Future of containing secrets

Credential Guard and Device Guard

  • Using the trustlets on Windows Server
  • Requirements
  • Usage scenarios

Defender on a Server

  • Anti-Malware on Server 2016

Data and Identity Protection on Server 2016

  • BitLocker
  • WIP – Windows Information Protection
  • Identity Protection


About the speaker: Sami Laiho
Senior Technical Fellow


    Born in late 1979
    IT Admin since 1996
    MCT since 2001 (MCT / IAMCT Regional Lead – Finland)
    MVP in Windows OS since 2011

Specializes in and trains:

    Centralized Management
    Active Directory
    Penetration testing
    Social Engineering


    NIC Conf 2017 Best Speaker
    TechEd North America 2014 - Best session, Best Speaker
    TechEd Australia 2013 – Best session, Best speaker
    TechEd Europe 2013 – Best Session by an external speaker
    Best session by Microsoft STEP in 2012


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During the workshop coffee, tea and softdrinks will be arranged for free. At the lunchbreak there will be fresh sandwiches and is included in the trainingscourse price. 

Culemborg (NL)Friday 29 June 20181€ 595,00Register now