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Advanced Powershell for IT Pro's

Culemborg (NL) or RemoteMonday 30 September 20193€ 1.875,00Register now

IT Pro Speaker TrainingPowershell is no longer to be considered from sysadmin's life to automate fast and efficient tasks. This training is handling the advanced subjects and techniques of the powerful Powershell language being taught for 3 days at Level 300+. 

Powershell basics review

  • Help
  • Use of Cmdlets
  • Providers
  • Pipeline
  • Adding Commandos 
  • Objects
  • Formatting, and Filtering
  • Loops


  • Re-use of results from cmdlet


  • Modularization: a task and function
  • Extract values and objects from a function
  • Parameter validation
  • Pipeline behaviour

Arrays, hashtables

  • Managing Arrays
  • Join and split command
  • Key / Value pairs in hashtables

WMI & CIM deep dive

  • WMI Essentials
  • WMI Researching
  • CIM


  • Synchronous vs asynchronous
  • WMI and Remoting as jobs
  • Managing Jobs, Scheduled Jobs


  • Security objectives
  • Execution policy
  • Code signing
  • Building and design of Security  Powershell
  • Credentials / storing passwords


  • Task automation
  • Control automation



  • What is the concept
  • WinRM overview
  • PSSessions
  • Invoke-Command for one-to-many Remoting
  • Remote vs Local commands



  • Task automation
  • Control automation

Command Parameterization

  • Creacting repeating commands 
  • Build a parameterized script 
  • A script, A pipeline
  • Scope

Advanced Remoting

  • Usage and creation of endpoints
  • Multihop remoting
  • Remoting Authenticatie

Regular Expressions

  • Purpose of regex
  • Syntax
  • Use of Regex

Tips and tricks

  • Shell customization
  • Operators
  • WMI, Parameters and Script blocks

The re-use of an existing script 

  • How do you read a very large script
  • What are the check & control points
  • Structurered and organized working  

What else ... 

  • Use of .NET classes
  • Abstract Syntax Tree


Experience in the use of Powershell. 

Training settings:

  • Classroom
  • Dutch language (English on demand)
  • Public training (onsite / customizable content)

About the trainer:

The training is given by Jeff Wouters. Jeff is 1 of the few Powershell MVP's in the world. With a passion for powershell, efficiency, instruction and implementation. The trainer has created an unique PowerShell education course especialy for IT Pro's and sr. managers. It doesn't get any better..

Jeff is a speaker on IT events, like: E2E Virtualization Conference, AppManagEvent and BriForum Chicago. Jeff blogs on http://www.jeffwouters.nl. Jeff is also a co-author from the PowerShell Deep Dives book.



Culemborg (NL) or RemoteMonday 30 September 20193€ 1.875,00Register now