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Expert Session for Windows specialists

Culemborg (NL)Monday 7 October 20194€ 2.799,00Register now

Duration: 4 days

Language: English 

Sami Laiho

Expert Session for Windows specialists 

This course is also advertised as "Blackbelt - Troubleshooting the Windows OS". You have tamed the Windows operating System beast and are a master of your universe. As your company’s specialist you are without peers. Would you like to match your skills with other experts in the field and see if there might be new ways to wrestle value from the Windows OS? 

In a new format Sami Laiho opens his Dojo and in a structured setting you will cooperatively explore the boundaries of managing and troubleshooting the Windows OS. 

To get the best out of this session we would suggest you have MCSA (Windows Server 2012/2016 or Windows 10) or MCSE (Mobility or Productivity). Having a working skillset on this level is fine as well. We realize not everybody has the time or the appetite for weeks of being on the receiving end of a classroom. 

Please bring your own challenges and questions to this expert session as this will be a rare opportunity to spar with those just as good as you. 

Suggested themes and more:

Troubleshooting methodology  Tools and procedures for troubleshooting Windows 
  • Something’s Wrong! 
  • Error Isolation and reproduction 
  • Validity: the right metrics 
  • Wait for the users/helpdesk or proactive monitor? 
  • What are your tools for troubleshooting 
  • How to run them in the right user context 
Remote Administration  OS Internals 
I never walk to a machine any more. There’s nothing special about a local logon
  • On windows modes, let’s kill UAC! 
  • Your favourite Processes and threads,  
  • Services and programs and memory 
Registry Internals  Troubleshooting security related issues

Troubleshooting of the SLOW

  • It’s an i7 with 32GB. This is weird! 
  • Is it in the permissions on the machine? 
  • Is it in the access to my domain? 
  • Has my machine be breached? 
  My network fails me! 
Debugging and debuggers  Those pesky device drivers 
BSOD   The machine won’t boot.. well I know something! 
  • Blue Screen of Death  
 Getting that Unbootable machine going 



Culemborg (NL)Monday 7 October 20194€ 2.799,00Register now