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Privilege Management for Desktops - Foundations

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Interactive tasks within virtual lab environments provide real world solutions to everyday use cases.

The instructor will present a detailed demonstration of several tasks and students will be required to complete a number of these working independently.
Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in lesson discussions. The culmination of the training is an exam, which leads to recognized Defendpoint certification.

The Fundamentals course is provides a one-day introduction to the fundamentals of managing Defendpoint with a focus on either Group Policy (GPO) or McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) to manage and deploy your Defendpoint confguration.

This course will cover:

> Introduction to Defendpoint Privilege Management – an overview of the challenges facing organizations and how Defendpoint solves them

> Defendpoint architecture – high level overview of the architectural approach used by Defendpoint

> Installing Defendpoint – hands-on installation of the Defendpoint Management Console and Defendpoint Client on a single computer

> Basic configuration and testing Defendpoint – how to set up sample policies on a single computer by using Local Computer Policy

> Applying privilege Management Confguring a policy to apply basic privilege management to elevate applications where required

> Applying Application ControlApplying application control to whitelist authorised applications

> Auditing and reporting – Exploring the data generated by Defendpoint and how it can be used to improve security and user experience

> Auditing and application discovery – audit data and discover applications requiring elevated rights

> Layering workstyles – Adding multiple workstyles to provide granular functionality to di?erent user communities

> Production deployments – Applying best practice when deploying Defendpoint policy in a production environment

 Course prerequisites
- Lab/test environment to configure Windows Event Forwarding
- Experience with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
- Experience with Active Directory Group Policy or ePO
- Basic networking skills are desirable but not essential

Facilities, catering and proof of participation: 
Delivery: the online training is delivered as 1 day session.

This course is run multiple instances every month to cater for a range of time zones. These are delivered over full day or half day sessions so you can always find an option that suits your schedule. As soon as you have purchased training our team will be in touch to fnd the course that fts your schedule.

Send a mail to sales@pds-site.com for more information