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Paula Januszkiewicz is the Founder and CEO of CQURE and CQURE Academy where she devoted herself to her passion: Security Consulting – both for Management and IT Engineers, Penetration Tests, Architecture Consulting, Trainings (Authored), Seminars. She did hundreds of security projects, including those for governmental organizations and is a top speaker at many well- known conferences including Microsoft Ignite (No 1 Speaker among 1100 other Speakers), TechEd North America, Black Hat, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, RSA, TechDays, AppManagEvent, CyberCrime, etc.
In her CQURE Academy team, Paula is joined by team members who have the same drive, deep knowledge and instruction skills as Paula, all with their specialized field:

online delivery - 5 days Masterclass: Forensics and Incident Handling by Paula Januszkiewicz

Loads of Knowledge

Forensics and Incident Handling are constantly evolving and crucial topics in the area of cybersecurity. In order to stay on top of the attackers, the knowledge of Individuals and Teams responsible for collecting digital evidences and handling the incidents has to be constantly enhanced and updated. This advanced training provides skills necessary to find, collect and preserve data in a correct manner, analyze it and get to know as much about the incident as possible. This is an intense hands-on course covering the general approach to forensics and incident handling, network forensics, important aspects of Windows internals, memory and storage analysis, detecting indicators of compromise and a proper way of reporting.

To get more practice we offer three extra weeks of labs online!


This course is ideal for:

Enterprise administrators, infrastructure architects, security professionals, systems engineers, network administrators, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing network and perimeter security.

To attend this training, you should have a good hands-on experience in administering Windows infrastructure. At least 8 years in the field is recommended.


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On-lineMonday 7 March 2022 9:00-16:00
(8:00-15:00 GMT / 2:00-9:00 US Central)
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