Defendpoint Certified Professional - Standard

This entry level course provides the essential standards for creating and maintaining your Defendpoint settings, as well as providing effective troubleshooting steps.

The course will cover Defendpoint’s three modules - Privilege Management,
Application Control and Sandboxing.

OnRequest-OnSiteSunday 31 December 20171€ 995,00Register now

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Defendpoint Certified Professional – Advanced

This course includes the Defendpoint Certified Professional Course (Standard) on day one, plus two additional days.

Day 2 & 3 build on the fundamental concepts covered in the introductory course, as well as introducing deployment options and Enterprise Reporting functionality. The course also explores advanced use cases where participants will configure advanced solutions within virtual lab environments.

OnRequest-OnSiteSunday 31 December 20173€ 2.799,00Register now

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